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Jenna Bayliss

Cohabitation Agreements - protecting yourself for the future

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Unmarried Couples and Families Statistics show that over six million people now live together as a couple in the UK without being married. People often think that couples who have been living together for a long period of time are ‘common...

How to limit the impact of divorce on children

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Divorce can be an emotional and all assuming experience but it is important not to overlook what is most important to you – your children. There is a wealth of information and research on the impact of divorce on children and although it is usually...

Do you need a Divorce? Devonalds are here to help.

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Whether you and your partner have agreed amicably to separate or you have been unfortunate to be involved in a harsh separation, 2017 could be the year to get yourself sorted and have a fresh start for the future. Here at Devonalds, we offer a fixed fee...