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Divorce Solicitors in Bridgend

No one can prepare for divorce. As a result, a breakdown in your relationship can leave you feeling at a loss as to where to turn and how to protect your various interests. Difficult decisions regarding children, property and finances will have to be made, and reaching an agreement isn’t always easy.

That’s where we come in. At Devonalds, our divorce solicitors in Bridgend strive to keep the costs, stress and time involved in your separation to a minimum.

Our divorce solicitors in Bridgend can help with every part of divorce proceedings, including:

  • Initiating divorce proceedings
  • Responding to divorce proceedings
  • Divorce financial settlements
  • Arrangements for children

To discuss how we can help with your divorce, please contact your local divorce solicitors at our Bridgend office.

Why choose Devonalds divorce solicitors in Bridgend?

With 30 years of experience under our belt, you can trust our dedicated team of divorce solicitors in Bridgend to guide you through the process with ease. We know that the last thing you need during this difficult time is for the dispute to drag out, but we also appreciate the need to achieve a result that reflects your unique circumstances. Boasting expert negotiation skills and extensive knowledge in family law, Devonalds will be with you each step of the way to ensure a fair outcome is secured in a reasonable timeframe.

As well as the emotionally challenging nature of divorce, it’s likely that you have concerns regarding your finances. When you instruct one of our divorce solicitors in Bridgend, we will always be transparent with regards to our fees and provide clarity and certainty from the outset. We pride ourselves on offering high quality advice for a realistic fee, as it ensures people from all walks of life can rely on us for legal support when they need it the most.

You can rest assured that your case will be in the hands of a dedicated professional with the qualifications, experience and commitment necessary to guide you through the divorce process with minimal fuss.

While our aim will always be to achieve a satisfactory resolution through amicable techniques such as mediation or collaborative law, we recognise that this is not always possible when communication has broken down between you. No matter how complex matters become, our divorce solicitors in Bridgend will be on hand to prepare your case, offer strategic advice and robust representation through your divorce.

How our Bridgend divorce lawyers can help you

Initiating divorce proceedings

When applying for a divorce, it is important to make sure all of the necessary paperwork is completed fully and accurately. This avoids the risk of any unnecessary delays or your application being rejected.

Our divorce lawyers in Bridgend can help you to prepare your divorce petition, making sure no detail has been overlooked. We can advise on issues including what reasons to cite for the divorce, making sure they are sufficient to be accepted by a court while minimising the risk of your spouse disputing them.

Once your application has been submitted, we can support you through the rest of the process, making sure every step is completed promptly, helping your divorce to go ahead as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Responding to divorce proceedings

Where your spouse has started divorce proceedings, you need to respond promptly while making sure you provide all of the necessary details. You also need to begin thinking about what comes next as your divorce progresses.

Our Bridgend divorce solicitors can help with preparing your response and ensure it is filed promptly. We can also advise you on all of the issues you will need to consider as part of the divorce process.

Divorce financial settlements

Dividing your finances during divorce can be very complicated, with the need to account for all of your marital assets, while making sure you get a fair deal and have financial security for the future.

Our divorce solicitors in Bridgend are experts in divorce finances, including where there are complex and high value assets to consider. We can assist with reaching a voluntary divorce settlement, as well as advising on applying to a family court for a Financial Order where an amicable financial settlement cannot be agreed.

Read more about divorce and financial matters.

Arrangements for children

Working out who your children will live with and what time they will spend with each parent is often the most emotionally fraught part of divorce. It is essential to make sure your children’s best interests are protected, but that does not mean your rights as a parent should not be respected.

Our Bridgend divorce lawyers can help you and your former spouse come to a sensible agreement on what is best for your children while protecting your position as their parent. We can also advise on applying to a family court for a Child Arrangements Order if needed.

Find out more about our expertise with arrangements for children.

Our Bridgend divorce solicitors’ fees

Fixed fee divorce

We are able to offer fixed fee divorce advice and services to cover specific parts of divorce proceedings, such as preparing and responding to divorce applications. This allows us to offer complete certainty over the costs involved.

Flexible funding arrangements

Our divorce lawyers in Bridgend offer flexible funding options, including deferred fee agreements where appropriate. This helps to ensure our legal services remain affordable for those whose financial situation may currently be uncertain.

Find out more about our family law pricing.

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To discuss how we can help with your divorce, please contact your local divorce solicitors at our Bridgend office.

Divorce resources in Bridgend

Bridgend Council

Follow the link above to reach Bridgend Council’s Family Information Service. Here you will find a variety of useful resources aimed at supporting parents and their children in the local community.

Citizens Advice in Bridgend

If you have been considering divorce but wish to seek more information, visit the Citizens Advice Bureau website or follow the link above to make an appointment. Here, you will be able to gain a free, one-off session to determine the options you have in proceeding.