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Cohabitation Solicitors in Bridgend and Rhondda Cynon Taff

Since 2000, the Government has noticed an upwards trend of couples that choose to live together without getting married.

There has long since been a common law myth that people who cohabit (live) together and do not marry are still entitles to the same legal protection as a married couple. THIS IS UNTRUE!

However, rest assured that our expert legal team here at Devonalds Solicitors have over 30 years of advising clients about their rights in cohabiting together. More and more frequently we are seeing couples who choose to cohabit but not formalise their relationship, have raised children between them. Whilst we, as everyone else hope that the relationship will work out well, our team are able to advise you how to prevent a stressful break up involving your children and even your pets.

We will be able to talk to you and advise you on a cohabitation agreement and iron out any concerns you may have should your relationship turn sour at a later date.  

Please call us today to start drafting the cohabitation agreement and commencing the road to a happy, stress free future.

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