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Medical Negligence Claims Solicitors

When you are treated by a medical professional, the last thing that you expect to happen is to be put in a worse situation than what you instructed the medical professional for.

A medical profession is not just a Doctor. These days the term ‘medical professional’ is much broader, covering job titles such as dentists, nurses and cosmetic surgeons.

Medical Negligence is sometimes referred to as ‘Clinical Negligence.’ It is important to note that medical negligence and clinical negligence are different to bringing a claim for personal injury. Instead of just proving that someone else was to blame, in medical negligence you must show that there had been serious errors by medical professional, errors that a competent doctor would not have made. You must then also prove that the errors in question have played a part in your injury or loss.

Visiting the Doctor or a hospital is a daunting experience in itself, let alone without having to fear that something may go wrong. Rest assured, if something does go wrong, we are here for you.  At Devonalds Solicitors, we have expert lawyers with years of experience in this field of law.

We promise to deal with your case as swiftly as possible, in the most cost effective manner as possible and most importantly with the dignity that you deserve.

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