Charity Work

Here you will find all the information about the Charity work our Senior Partner, Wayne Griffiths, is involved in. 

Children’s Contact Centre – Pontypridd

I am Chair of the Board of Trustees of this Charity comprising 12 additional volunteers as well who give up their time to support contact currently for a whole host of families on Saturdays at the Contact Centre currently based at the Wales Council for the Deaf, Courthouse Street, opposite our office.

Ongoing fundraising is needed to offset expenditure.

We have an excellent administrator but regularly I have to write on behalf of the Charity to NACC, the body that dishes out accreditations for these types of Centres and ensure together with the Board of Trustees and they administrate that our accounts are in order.

Contact takes place as a result of self-referral but also via Solicitors and also from CAFCASS.

I predict that I will be Chair on this as I don’t think there are many other volunteers to take over until the day I retire from Practice!

However, it is a very worthwhile Charity helping mainly dads to see their children in a safe venue protected and supported when otherwise they wouldn’t.

Macmillan Cancer Care

I have been involved with Macmillan for a number of years, fundraising locally and helped in the inauguration of the first Rhondda Walk in 2009, when around 60 people took part, the popularity of the Walk has developed to such an extent that this year over 1,000 participants are expected and have been participating over the last 3 to 4 years raising much needed funds for this very worthwhile Cancer Charity. You know that Macmillan provides nurses, doctors, but also key support services directly to the public for those suffering from cancer as well as welfare benefits advice, etc.

I have been Chair of the Welsh Forum which in part feeds into the UK Forum for over 3 years.

This means that I travel on behalf of the Welsh Forum to London around 5-6 times a year to participate in the UK Forum (all funding by Macmillan) and in effect I am a conduit of policy decisions from London to Wales and vice versa.

I have met many special people along the way including a host of volunteers from all over the UK as well as a number of members of the Wales and West Midlands Fundraising Team (there are about 25 of them!) Head of whom is in fact is Lyn Devonald’s second daughter Catrin.

I have consequently had to make a number of speeches about the work of Macmillan and the work of the volunteer forum which in effect is the mouthpiece of volunteers, the views of which are acknowledged by Macmillan and taken on board.

I have been “pressganged” sorry asked and nominated to be the Conference Chair for this year’s annual volunteer conference to be held in Leicester in May where I have to apparently seamlessly ensure that the conference proceeds without blips over a 3 day period and make appropriate ad lib, hopefully funny links in between the various seminars and functions! I am not sure I should have accepted this but what the hell and it means that Wales effectively punches above his weight because although there are lot of volunteers in Wales proportionately there are far less than in England in particular. Macmillan incidentally has over 40,000 volunteers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with over 3,000 in Wales.

It is a labour of love for me and although I am rubbish at most things, thankfully it appears that by opening my gob, I can help!

MacMillan Charity Work

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MacMillan Charity Work

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Rhian’s Fund at Velindre Cancer Centre

This is the primary focus of my charitable work.

Catch the latest flyer from Rhian’s Charity, a copy of which you can download by clicking here, and you will see that through the excellent work of a number of people who have supported us, we managed to get over £240,000 so far raised as and from the funds inception in July 2012 just after Rhian passed.

Jayne, Rhys and I are effective Trustees of her ring fenced Fund and considerable input from us takes place before any expenditure is made from it.

It is not a question of us being protected of that money but we can choose where the money goes, in conjunction of course with Management and Doctors at the Centre to ensure therefore that it goes to the most appropriate recipient.

A number of outlets sell the “Forget-Me-Not” badges and we are on the second batch of £10,000 with a new design having sold £10,000 of the first batch.

There is adjunct Justgiving page which has been going since February 2016 and nearly £16,000 has been raised by that page with additional sums of course paid into Velindre direct.

Jayne and I are Ambassadors of Velindre and I tend to out as and when required to various donors and functions to speak about our story and accept cheques by way on donation (not enough hours in the day!).

Velindre Cancer Centre

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