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About Us

Here at Devonalds we like to think that we have a different approach to most law firms.  We pride ourselves in being approachable. We are not only your legal advisors - we are also your neighbours, and sometimes we are also your friends. Our staff all live in the same communities as you. We shop in the same shops, we go to the same gyms, pubs or clubs, we have the same dreams and problems, and our day to day lives are similar. So we know exactly how important that legal problem is to you.

We are not your typical stuffy, formal law firm - we insist on all our staff, whether it be an office junior or a senior partner, being called by their first names. When we speak to you and give you legal advice, we talk in exactly the same way as we do at home when we're talking about Gavin & Stacey! This informal approach may not be the best way for other law firms, but this is the Devonalds way and always will be.


Our tagline here at Devonalds is "big enough to know, small enough to care" - meaning we have proven legal expertise, whilst still providing a local, friendly and approachable service. We pride ourselves on being local solicitors for local people - give us a try for yourselves!

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