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Here at Devonalds, we’ve built a reputation throughout Wales and beyond for our legal expertise and our commitment to client care. From family matters to complex commercial issues, our solicitors in Bridgend are equipped with the specialist knowledge needed to guide you through the most challenging situations with ease.

Why choose Devonalds’ solicitors in Bridgend?

When you choose to instruct our solicitors in Bridgend, you will benefit from the care and dedication of our specialist team. Accredited by The Law Society for conveyancing, family law, Wills & Inheritance, and personal injury, you can guarantee a first-class service from Devonalds no matter how complex your issue.

As well as legal expertise, our reputation has been built over forty years from the commitment and care we provide our clients. We know that the last thing you need when facing a legal issue is to be drowned in documents and jargon. That’s why our solicitors in Bridgend will always provide clear advice from day one, helping you determine the best course of action to take. Together, we will work to protect your interests and achieve a positive outcome with as little stress as possible.

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Devonalds Solicitors
10 Dunraven Place
CF31 1JD
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Travelling by public transport

You will find our solicitors in Bridgend conveniently located a short walk away from both Bridgend train and bus stations. If arriving by bus, walk down Market Street towards the Ogmore River and you will come to Dunraven Place, where you will find our office. If arriving by train, walk down Station Hill and then Wyndham Street to reach Dunraven Place, where you will find our office. 

Travelling by car

Our offices are a short walk from the Embassy Car Park in the centre of Bridgend. You can access our car park by the pedestrian bridge across the river near the car parks entrance.

 If you experience any difficulties getting here, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Everyone deserves equal access to legal services, so we want to do everything we can to ensure that our services are accessible to all. If you have any specific accessibility requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss what we can do to accommodate you.


Medical Negligence Claims Solicitors in Bridgend

Clinical errors can cause long-lasting consequences for your health and wellbeing or that of a loved one. Medical negligence claims offer a way to secure compensation to help improve your situation and give you the best possible quality of life.

Our medical negligence solicitors in Bridgend have many years of experience helping people from all backgrounds to get the compensation they deserve. We can advise on whether you are likely to have grounds for a claim, and support you through every stage of the claims process.

We take great pride in the service we offer for medical negligence compensation claims in Bridgend. Our team provides compassionate support for our clients. We will make sure that your questions are answered plainly and you always feel heard.

In the majority of cases, we are able to secure compensation for medical negligence without the need for contentious court proceedings. This means there is unlikely to be any need for you to attend a court hearing.

Medical negligence compensation can be claimed for a wide range of issues, including errors made by GPs, nurses, surgeons, anaesthetists, dentists, and cosmetic treatment providers. It can cover the physical, mental and emotional impact, as well as things like replacing lost income.

There are strict time limits for medical negligence claims, so it is important not to delay finding out if you are owed compensation. In most cases, you will need to make a claim within three years of discovering that your health may have been harmed due to medical negligence. However, longer time limits may apply depending on the circumstances.

Learn more about the services offered by our medical negligence solicitors.

Property Transactions & Conveyancing in Bridgend

Here at Devonalds, our solicitors in Bridgend are dedicated to facilitating property transactions for our clients. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned property investor, our priority is to protect your interests and ensure a smooth conveyancing process from offer through to completion. We understand that this can be a stressful time and is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make. That’s why our solicitors will provide you with regular updates on your case as and when we receive them, in plain, jargon-free English. As well as conveyancing, our property solicitors regularly advise and act for landlords and tenants through negotiations, disagreements, and disputes to a positive outcome.

Learn more about the services offered by our conveyancing solicitors.

Family Law in Bridgend

When family troubles arise, reaching an amicable agreement isn’t always easy. As tensions rise and disputes become heated, families find themselves wrapped up in costly court battles, unable to find a solution. At Devonalds, our specialist team of family solicitors are here to keep things simple, protecting your interests through pragmatic legal advice and practical support. Our priority is to achieve an outcome that meets your needs and provides a stable future for you and your children. However, if we can keep the costs and time involved in your case to a minimum, we will. As well as working reactively for our clients, our solicitors in Bridgend assist couples to negotiate and draft the terms of prenuptial and cohabitation agreements.

Learn more about the services offered by our family law solicitors.

Personal Injury Claims in Bridgend

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be considering making a claim for compensation. However, understanding your legal position and identifying the amount you are due is not always easy. If this sounds familiar, our specialist team of personal injury solicitors are here to assess your situation and identify whether or not your claim is viable. If you are owed compensation, you can count on Devonalds to take the necessary action in securing payment quickly and efficiently, easing the financial pain of your recovery.

Learn more about the services offered by our personal injury claims solicitors.

Wills & Probate in Bridgend

After we pass away, the financial assets that make up our estate are distributed according to the wishes set out in our Will. However, with no valid Will in place, your estate will fall to the government to divide according to a set of strict rules. That’s why at Devonalds, our Wills and probate solicitors help people from all walks of life to get their affairs in order before it’s too late. Should you need assistance in writing your Will, we can advise you on the most tax efficient way of passing your estate to the next generation. As well as estate planning, our team is always available to provide for guidance and support through estate administration if you have been named the executor of a Will.

Learn more about the services offered by our Wills and probate solicitors.

Business & Commercial Law in Bridgend

Our solicitors in Bridgend are passionate about helping local businesses to thrive. From the contracts and agreements that bind business relationships to the commercial property they operate from, legal challenges can arise at any stage. That’s why our solicitors work closely with businesses from a range of industries to overcome these issues in the most cost effective way. Whether you’ve only recently set up, or are already well established, you can count on our team to devise bespoke solutions that help minimise risk and promote growth.

Learn more about the services offered by our business and commercial solicitors.

Legal Resources in Bridgend

Click on any of the red text below to be taken directly to the webpage for that legal resource.

Citizens Advice Bridgend

If you are unsure of your next steps, you may find it useful to make an appointment with your local citizens advice bureau. While your advisor will not be able to act on your case as a legal professional would, they offer a free, one-off session to determine your options.

Bridgend Council

Whether you’re new to the Bridgend area or simply seeking advice on a certain issue, the Bridgend council provides a range of useful information regarding the local community such as housing, education and employment opportunities.

Courts Near Bridgend

While our solicitors in Bridgend will always aim to keep the time and costs in your case to a minimum, we understand that in certain circumstances, court proceedings are necessary. Click on ‘Courts in Bridgend’ above to find a list of courts nearest to Bridgend, along with contact and address details. Our solicitors will prepare your case and provide the robust representation you need to secure a fair outcome.

South Wales Police

Bridgend is covered by the South Wales Police Force with the nearest active police stations being in Bridgend itself.