ProtectorTailored to your needs
Our Fees & Other Costs
Standard/Basic Will£100 + VAT
Will Husband/Wife Mirror Wills£150 + VAT for two
Husband/Wife Mutual Wills£180 + VAT for two
Protector PlusTailored to your needs but includes advice on protecting your home from care home fees etc.
Our FeesOther Costs
Non Standard Will£120 +VATLand Registry Fees May Be Payable
Husband/Wife Non Standard Wills*£275 + VATLand Registry Fees May Be Payable
*to include severing joint tenancy and care home advice
Financial ProtectorIf you have assets close to or in excess of £325,000.
Our Fees & Other Costs
Estate planning to minimise the Tax Payable£ Written estimate after initial discussions
Living ProtectorIndicate what type of treatment you want or refuse some types of medical treatment in certain situations.
Our Fees & Other Costs
Living Wills£100 + VAT
Husband/Wife Mirror Living Wills£150 + VAT