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Commercial Litigation and Disputes

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Solicitors in Bridgend and Rhondda Cynon Taff

Commercial conflicts come in all shapes and sizes, but can ultimately result in the same outcome. From disputes between directors and shareholders to professional negligence and breach of contract, each has the ability to escalate and become time-consuming and costly to your company. With a growing list of responsibilities, it’s easy for business owners to find themselves head over heels in a commercial dispute without the right legal advice and support.

At Devonalds, our team of specialist commercial litigation solicitors are experts in dispute resolution. With extensive experience resolving minor and major disputes, our priority is to protect your interests and minimise the fallout of a commercial conflict. Problem solving is what we do best, achieving results for our commercial clients through strategic negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. With a proven track record for securing successful conclusions to even the most complex commercial conflicts, you can rely on Devonalds to keep the costs, time and even stress to a minimum.


Why choose Devonalds’ commercial litigation solicitors?

As well as our first class service and client care, our commercial litigation solicitors boast expert knowledge across a broad range of industries. When we’re not helping our clients through business disputes, we’re undertaking research and seeking advice from professionals to support our evidence and better understand the challenges faced throughout the commercial sphere. Despite this, we know that each company is different. No matter the size or industry you work in, it’s likely that your business will face a dispute of some sorts somewhere down the line. At Devonalds, we don’t dish out pre-packaged advice. Instead, we will always take the time to understand your requirements and objectives before building your claim. That way, you can guarantee that the legal advice and support you receive from our commercial litigation solicitors will always be tailored to your needs, working to secure an outcome that protects your business’ interests.

We know how disruptive a commercial dispute can be, especially when they escalate. In a matter of months, a niggling disagreement can evolve into a bitterly fought dispute that finds both parties battling in court, drawing further and away from compromise. That’s why we will always endeavour to reduce the tension and reach an agreement through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. However, if the conflict has gone beyond alternative dispute resolution and a court action is unavoidable, rest assured that our dedicated commercial litigation solicitors have the skill and experience necessary to run your case with absolute professionalism, providing only the best representation and strategic advice throughout.

Commercial Litigation Services

When it comes to commercial disputes, our aim is to find resolution with ease and efficiency in order to allow you the time to focus on the running of your business. Services we offer include but are not limited to:

Commercial Property Disputes

When a dispute arises between your business and the owner of your commercial property, it’s essential to seek legal advice as early as possible to prevent the conflict threatening your operations. At Devonalds, our experts have vast experience resolving property disputes through tactical negotiation and forms of alternative dispute resolution. We know how important premises are to a business, and our specialist knowledge in commercial leases should assure you that any property related disputes that arise will be handled with care and resolved as quickly as possible.

Director & Shareholder

As the director of a company, your commercial goals and ambitions may differ from that of your shareholders. Disputes between directors and shareholders arise frequently, often as a result of a break down in trust. If issues are not dealt with or principles established early enough, they could quickly evolve into serious disputes that will end up costing your company significant disruption and profits. When you instruct one of our commercial litigation solicitors, we will work to determine the route of the conflict and aim to resolve it efficiently, ensuring that both parties have the best interests of the business in mind.

Professional Negligence

If a professional acts in a way that works against your best interests, he or she is behaving negligently. If this sounds familiar, your first move should be to seek legal advice from an experienced commercial law specialist. Whether you are an individual bringing a claim against a company or a company claiming against a supplier, our team of commercial litigation solicitors have the technical knowledge and experience necessary to help secure an outcome that compensates you for the time and potential profits that you have lost out on as a result of the negligence.

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