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It's not all about the money...

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One of the first things you may think of if you are unfortunately injured due to the fault of someone else is “how much compensation would I be entitled to”.

Whilst getting you the correct personal injury compensation is always important to us and we will work very hard to get you the compensation you need there are also other aspects of a claim that we can also assist you with. We know that some people also need specialist medical care and treatment.

Whilst the NHS does a great job in offering assistance to those who are injured unfortunately some treatments are either not available through the NHS and Social Services, or waiting lists are often lengthy. In some cases speed is of the essence to ensure the maximum benefit to the person who is injured and that is where Devonalds can help.

We at Devonalds can take some of the pressure off you and get you the treatment you need to assist your recovery from your accident. Being involved in an accident is inherently stressful and we will do our best to make sure that we share that burden with you and help you get your life back on track as soon as possible.

The correct treatment can make a real difference in the aftermath of an accident and can often be just an important to an injured person as the final compensation they get. Having an injury can make everyday life difficult, and here at Devonalds we want to make sure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible and that’s where treatment can help.

Treatment or rehabilitation can take many forms - it could be as simple as arranging private physiotherapy for you following a road accident to arranging state of the art prosthetics to those who suffer life changing, catastrophic injuries.

At Devonalds we have been able to arrange a whole range of different treatments, therapies and assistance to our clients who have been injured.

The following list is an example of some of the Rehab assistance we have been able to offer.

  • Physiotherapy for a client suffering from a pulled muscle in her back.
  • Arranging a new mattress for a client who had a dislocated shoulder and needed an orthopaedic mattress.
  • Obtaining new light weight household utensils including a lightweight kettle and hoover for a client who had injured their shoulder.
  • Obtaining a set of state of the art sports prosthetics for a client who sustained catastrophic leg injuries with the result being that client was able to return to playing football.
  • Counselling for a client who suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of a road accident.

These are a just a few examples of the type of help that we have obtained and arranged for our clients.

At Devonalds we understand that the correct treatment can be just as important as compensation and often in the early stages of a claim the treatment is the most important thing to get right.

The aim of treatment is to help a person who has suffered an injury to restore lost skills and to regain maximum self-sufficiency and independence and this can often be achieved by:

  • Identifying and providing appropriate medical treatment and therapy to aid recovery;
  • Identifying and providing additional aids and resources to help injured people return to normality so far as this may be possible

A therapy and treatment regime is almost always required in cases involving serious injuries, for example amputation, serious burns, brain injury or spinal cord injury. Rehabilitation can also assist, even in relatively minor personal injury claims.

Contact our specialist Personal Injury team today on 01443 755189 or by email at for a sympathetic and caring approach to your accident claim.