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Gerald Evans

Have you been involved in an accident on or with a Bus?

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Have you been involved in an accident or or with a Bus? Our Partner Gerald Evans explains what you need to do. Most people are aware that if they are a passenger in a car and that car is involved in an accident that they may be entitled to compensation if...

It's not all about the money...

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One of the first things you may think of if you are unfortunately injured due to the fault of someone else is “how much compensation would I be entitled to”. Whilst getting you the correct compensation is always important to us and we will work...

Personal Injury Claims and Third Party Capture - what is it?

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Third Party Capture Third party capture is the situation where an Insurer attempts to persuade an injured person to settle a claim directly with the insurer and not to use a Solicitor. When you contact your insurance company and report an accident, they...