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Joel Evans

Probate - What does the Solicitor do?

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This short animated video explains how a solicitor can assist with the process of dealing with someone's estate. Meet Jim – he’s retired now. Throughout his life Jim has acquired a number of assets. He owns a house and holiday chalet....


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Devonalds Solicitors are delighted to announce we have joined the Cancer Research UK Free Will Scheme. Under the scheme, you can have a standard Will drafted by one of our Law Society accredited solicitors completely free of charge. We’re joining...

Re-Launch of the Devonalds & Barnardo's FREE WILL SCHEME!

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We’re delighted to officially announce the re-launch of our partnership with Barnardo’s. Under the scheme, if you or your partner are aged over 55, then you can have a standard Will or pair of Wills made completely free of charge. H ow does...

What happens to my 'online life' after my death?

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What happens to my ‘online life’ after my death? More and more of our lives are spent online. Your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; your online banking accounts; your photos and videos stored in ‘the cloud’; or your...

Why You Should Prepare A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

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Assessing risk has never been a strength of humans. To borrow the lyrics from the classic ‘Sunscreen’ song - Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Quindon Tarver: The real troubles in your life are apt to be things That...

Happy 35th Birthday to Devonalds!

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So, today April 1st marks the 35th Birthday of Devonalds Solicitors - April fools day! Devonalds was founded in 1982 by the late Mr D Lyn Devonald, with the first office being opened in Porth on the 1st April. Our recently retired Partner, Phil...

Shake The Salt to keep paths clear this Winter

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Devonalds Solicitors have teamed up with ‘SHOUT’, the Bridgend Over 50’s group, to give pensioners containers of special salt to sprinkle over their paths and driveways during icy conditions. The project, called ‘Shake The...

5 Common Will Writing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Posted

Writing a Will isn’t something that is high on the agenda for most people – after all, having to consider the rather morbid topic of one’s passing isn’t much fun. It’s arguably one of the most important documents you’ll...

Check our top tips for dealing with a loved ones estate after they pass...

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TOP TIPS for executors when dealing with a loved one’s estate. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, especially when coupled with going through the often complex process of sorting out their estate. To help ease this pressure and make...